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Bring Back Our Kings

To most people in America Martin Luther King Day is just another Monday holiday; but there was once a time when celebrating Mr. King was more than just a day off. Many in our generation have lost sight of the true significance of all the struggles and adversity Mr. King and those who supported the Civil Rights movement endured and we should be ashamed.

Where have all our Kings gone?

No, I’m not talking about the phrase you use to refer to your boyfriends (that’s a whole other issue in and of itself) but I’m talking about the Kings who fought for our rights and strived to be pillars of their families and communities. Instead in this culture all I see are slaves. Slaves to popular culture, brands and material possessions, and to ourselves.  A lot of our men have lost sight of what it means to be a King and our women no longer strive to be Coretta’s.

So again I ask, where have our Kings gone?

When did we as African American men and women lose our struggles and ourselves? When did we stop fighting against racism and injustice and resort to simply pointing out that it exists every time something happens?

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years, I’m sure you are fully aware of the injustices African American’s have been facing. The black community has been reminded over and over again that we do not matter; yet few have stood up. I commend those who have participated in the “Black Lives Matter” marches across the nation and the world but there is so much work to be done, more injustice to overcome, and so much more for us to learn. Our generation needs a King. Our generation deserves a King. So I ask, where is he?

When will we see our generation truly fed up with the current state of our self-prescribed oppression and become like the generations before us who cared so deeply for their children and the future that they were willing to march and protest and demand change no matter the cost. But until more of us stand up, I suppose MLK Day will remain just another holiday for y’all.

I just want our Kings back.

All of them. 

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