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Woman Crush Wednesday

I might not be WCW material but I am a real woman. I can hold my own, I'm educated and I'm smart enough to know I'll never be a supermodel so I don't try to be. I don't try to mask my internal flaws with outward distractions or drown my feelings in alcohol and partying. It's cute that your WCW is a party girl, but is that really the type of WOMAN you want? 

At the end of the day, can your woman crush cook a meal, clean a house, or raise your children. Can she hold an intellectual conversation or does your time together always turn sexual? For a while I used to be hurt that the guys I was dating never made me their woman crush. I always felt as if “how come you don’t want to show me off like that” but then it hit me, a smart man, emphasis on the word smart, will never flaunt his most prized possession freely. Instead he will protect it, invest in it, and when the time is right present it to the world in a loving and chivalrous way. Being a post on Instagram isn’t a reflection of respect, it’s a reflection of lust. I’m not going to go all feminist on you, Yonce already did that for me, but can we cut the bullshit. Most of the WCW posts I see are accompanied by captions praising the woman’s body, her ASSets or how pretty her face is. We as women are already seen as sexual objects, we are  devalued in entertainment, in the work place and society as a whole. 

Now, I’m not knocking any of the beautiful women I see while scrolling down my timeline on any given Wednesday. The workout guru, the hometown model or the baddie from down the street with the big booty, 32” weave and beat for the god’s face -honey, I see you and I appreciate the hell outta the life your filtered flicks are giving me! To each their own, I just hope that behind those photos and weekly male attention is a woman not content with simply just being a man’s “crush”. And to my fellow women still waiting to be praised, don’t let Wednesday get you down, there is a man out there who wants to make you his “WCE -Women Crush Everyday”. Don’t settle for a weekday of love, strive for a lifetime love. 

Happy Wednesday Ladies! 

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