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Five Reasons I'm Hard to Date

Recently, there have been a few gentlemen who’ve caught themselves trying to “talk” to me. Here’s the thing, I’m an easy person to get to know in a friendly capacity but trying to date me is like penetrating Fort Knoxx -if you can get in you are one patient person. It’s not because I’m some emotionally scarred person that makes it hard to date me, I’ve dealt with my past romantic issues long ago, instead, here are the five reasons I think it’s so hard for me to date and let a guy get to know me: 

  1. I like my bed more than I like to party so chances are, if I’m at home when you text me to come out at 10pm, I’m already in my pajamas with my hair wrapped and my make-up off. And I absolutely hate it when a guy suggests we constantly go out late at night or that I come to their place to hang out all the time. Listen Chuck, I don’t have the energy to get dressed and drive all the way across town just to end up doing the same thing at your house that I could easily do at mine. GOOD-NIGHT!
  2. I work pretty long hours during the week at work and I come home to piles of homework thereafter. My “free time” is also commonly referred to as “bedtime”.
  3. I’m picky. I’ll admit it. Most of the guys I meet are great. They’re sweet, considerate and probably genuinely just want to get to know me and have a nice time. But then as time goes on there's something that completely throws me off about them and my attraction to them will never recover from. One guy I recently went out with spent the entire night (and I mean a smooth 5 hours) talking about himself. I sat on his couch staring at him in utter boredom until I accidentally fell asleep. Yep, I fell asleep while he was talking. Right in the middle of his sentence. Cold head nod. Please refer to point number two as to why I was so sleepy. And then there was the guy who called me one night and said “the other girl I invited to the movies flaked on me so I’m calling you”. Pause. I see what he tried to do there, but making me his second choice was his first mistake. His second mistake was then telling me that it was too bad I lived so far away but then proceeded to tell me, in the same breath, that I should drive to his house instead because he really wanted to see me and it wouldn’t be a far drive for me. I’m sorry, what? Bye Felicia!
  4. I’m picky (yes, I know I already said it but it needs to be said again). Only two of my ex’s have ever met my family. They both were accidents. The first was in high school -my mom ended up liking him, the second was in college -hatred is very nice word to describe her feelings towards this one. Anyway, point is, I won’t bring just anyone around my family or my friends for that matter. I take meeting Mom & Pops and other important people in my life very seriously and unless I see a future with you, they don’t even need to know you exist. I might make mention of you in passing conversation but that’s as far as it’ll go. I remember there was one guy I’d been dating for a few months and my stepdad suggested I invite him to go out to dinner with us. While on the phone with the guy I promptly said “nope, he won’t be hungry that day or any other day. He’s fine where he’s at” And I really REALLY like that guy too!
  5. My telephone skills are TERRIBLE. This is more of a life issue. I am the worst at telephone communication. I’m very absent minded when it comes to looking at my cellular device. Even my best friends know not to take me not responding to a text until 8 hours later personal. Chances are I either saw the message, started to respond then got distracted and forgot about it, or I simply haven’t looked at my phone all day. I’ve gone days without looking at my phone only to realize I have 20 texts and 5 missed calls. So you really have to be a special someone to keep me near my phone and engaged in conversation. 

I’m really trying to open up to people, I know I can’t be an island forever, but dammit it’s hard working full time, going to school and trying to date. I don’t know how some of you do it. Not to mention most guys at this stage of the game aren’t looking for actual stable relationships but instead want consistent booty-call buddies and I simply don’t have the energy, time or interest in that. So good luck to the brave soul who attempts to date me next. You’re gonna have to be one helluva guy to penetrate these walls -and I mean that with all the pun in the world intended! 


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