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A New Home - Part 2

Due to circumstances outside of our control, everyone in our very full house of 12 has “gotta go”. It’s a scary thought for me, being really and truly alone. Except for the brief time during college and after graduation when I lived outside of my moms house I was still always living with someone, whether it was a roommate for other family members.

But now...

Now I’m about to be completely in my own space.

I’m excited but anxious at the same time. I know I’m independent enough to handle the move but spiritually my inner only child is throwing a temper tantrum. Who am I going to talk to everyday? Who’s going to ask me how my day ways when I come home even though they really don’t care? Who’s bed am I going to go lay in on Saturday mornings just for the heck of it because I don’t feel like laying in mine by myself?

The only thing keeping me calm and in good spirits is the thought of having an entire space to decorate. No really, like I already have internet shopping carts full of furniture on ikea.comtarget.com, AND worldmarket.com! My pintrest page is full of expensive ass ideas I’m just waiting to fulfill once I’m not broke from the initial move.

The only issue: I actually have no idea where I’m moving to. Why no one ever told me apartment hunting was exhausting, discouraging and downright disappointing is just rude. The places I can afford are in the most sketchiest of sketch neighborhoods and the ones I want are all overpriced and well beyond my budget. Not to mention I have a “wish list” of what I want this new space of mine to have. All I really want are hardwood floors, a gas stove and washer and dryer hookups and the optional good parking spot. I mean really, is that really that much? I’ve been hunting for a little over a week and am still on the prowl. Growing up is for the birds, why can’t I just stay in my momma’s nest forever?!?! 

Maybe the good Lord will be tickled by the title of my blog and decide that “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”. 

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