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Making a Princess Dress Cake - With Cupcakes!

Another thing I haven't discussed too much here at ABD is the fact that I bake - A LOT! And make custom cakes for family and friends. I am by no means the next cake boss, but I don't do too shabby if you ask me. I'll add another post later with a few different cakes that I've done, from Mickey and Minnie, Hello Kitty, the Despicable Me Minions and more. 

So here's your first tutorial - How to make a Princess Dress cake out of cupcakes. As a disclaimer, I'm definitely more of a fondant cake than cupcakes girl, so this was not my absolute BEST, but my friend requested this design specifically and she loved it for her soon-to-be Princess'  baby shower a couple weeks ago! 




What You'll Need: 

My cutie-pie assistant!

My cutie-pie assistant!

  • Cake mix - These two boxes made about 30 cupcakes
  • Baking Cups - This cake design requires 27 cupcakes so you'll need at least that many
  • Princess Wand and Tiara - From my local Walmart, but you can find these at any party store
  • Pink Funfetti Icing - If you have more time than I did, you can also make butter creme and dye it!
  • Wilton Icing bags and Tip - These are sold in a set at any craft store
  • Rhinestone Cake Trim - Also available at any craft store
  • If you're lucky, you'll also have a handsome helper like mine to the right!

Since I made these cupcakes on a Friday night, we went with boxed cake mix. If you're a busy mom like me, you'll go this route, so mix up you batter according to the box directions!

Next you'll want to put the baking cups into your cupcake pan and dispense an equal amount of batter into each baking cup to ensure your cupcakes are all about the same size. 

Bake your cupcakes. The best way to determine when they're done is the toothpick test. Stick a toothpick into your innermost cupcake (closest to the middle of the pan) and if it comes out dry (no batter) the cupcakes are done! 

You'll need 29 for the dress design - though my cake box wouldn't let me be great - When you have this many cooled cupcakes, you're ready to arrange and frost. 

To make the dress design with the cupcakes, place three cupcakes top center, 

two rows of four to make the sleeves; 

one row of three where the "belt" of rhinestones will go; 

(And this is where my box got the better of me! but follow along)

A row of four cupcakes; 

A row of five cupcakes; 

A row of six cupcakes. 



 Next you'll prepare an icing bag by cutting of about 3/4 inch of the tip and dropping in the appropriate icing tip. I used the drop flower tip to give that "swirly" icing look. 

Once you've prepared your bag, you'll want to put it in your hand and fold over about two inches of the bag over your hand. Fill the bag with as much icing as you can and then fold the portion you put over your hand back up and twist it so that the icing is tightly packed. 

Next, you'll frost your cupcakes. Through trial and error, I found the easiest and best looking way to do this was from the outside in, in a counter clockwise motion, so that you can finish the center with a perfect frosted point. Be sure to give the bad a good squeeze to avoid gaps in your icing and fill generously between cupcakes to keep the continuity of the design. 

Once your cupcakes are all frosted, take your rhinestone trim, pictured above and measure two pieces as wide as your 3 cupcake wide belt. You'll lay these across to make the belt as pictured. 

To finish, take your princess tiara and remove the little comb pieces so the tiara will sit flush on the top three cupcakes; then lay your wand according to your preference, and voila! Princess dress! 

Since the Funfetti icing I got had pink sprinkles, I scattered them over the bottom row of the cupcakes for the fun of it, but that's optional. 

*Again, I rarely do cupcakes, so this was more fun than perfectionism!* If you happen to try this and have pictures, feel free to send them to me! I'd love to see them! - Shanika@abeautifuldisasterblog.com. 

More cakes and crafts coming SOON!