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I Write About You

I Write About You

There are times and transitions in life that make you think. I like to stand at the mental landmarks and take stock; where have I been, what have I done, and what is next?

On the eve of ABD's first anniversary, how would it be possible not to reflect? 

I thought so many things before I started this brand; I say thought, because now I know that I knew nothing coming in.  

But most of all I remember the scrambling at the beginning. Every thing seemed wrong. What would I write about? What would actually be read?  

Over time I learned to just write it, and worry less about how many would read and instead, worry about who would read it. Because I write it for you.  

Yes, you. 

The women trying to find themselves, because I still am, too.  

I write for the ones who feel incomplete, to remind them, you are indeed enough

I write to the mothers at their wits end, whose children aren't perfect, but they are all the more precious for it. 

I write for the woman still trying to accept her body.  

For the ones who aren't afraid to laugh at themselves.  

The wives without a perfect marriage; the love stories that were written by God himself.  

I write about the career girl with stars in her eyes and a pep in her strut. 

For all of us just winging this thing called life.  

I write about you.  

Happy anniversary, my beautiful disasters.  

Here's to another year of imperfect perfection.

The Feat of Failure

The Feat of Failure

Grey Skies

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