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Life as I Know it

I'm not dead, I promise. 

I only seemingly dropped off the face of the internet (unless you know me personally, in which case my Facebook statuses precluded you from calling the internet police to come to my house and check for a pulse.)

Alas, life exploded in the past 90 days. 

For better and for better I will say, because even in the chaos there are invaluable lessons I need to learn. 

Still, Murphy's law applies to me as it does to anyone, and when it rains it pours. 

I got (another) promotion, and with it, the chaos that ensues when cleaning up someone else's mess. And an office, YAY.

I accepted a bittersweet truth about Mino, which you can read more about here.  I will say I'm doing better and better with it, and understanding he's bright, unique and all out amazing. We just need to catch up. 

Nelly all but got kicked out of school, more on his streaking (yes, you read that right, streaking) later. 

My Macbook met an unfortunate end that rivals something from a Lemony Snicket novel. None too happy about that disaster.  

And the day to day grind just caught up with me. Kids, work, marriage, just being myself...

That's right, the unstoppable machine that I am just needed a break for maintenance. And that's A-okay with me! Hopefully with you too. 

But I'm well rested and bursting at the seams to write. Ready or not, here it comes.



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