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The Friday Playlist Project

Something I haven't touched on too much yet here at ABD is my love for music. I think we ALL love music of one genre or another. Music ties us to experiences and times in our lives, memories, whether good or bad. It uplifts our spirits or helps us cry it out. I sing, play the piano, and dance, so it has a cemented spot in my heart. 

One of my  routines at work is a new Friday Playlist every week. My coworkers always ask me to play it if I forget - that's how much of a "thing" it's become. I figured the ABD readers may like it just as much as they do. Hence, the Friday Playlist Project begins! 

If this weeks mix isn't your thing, come back next week. These playlists will span in genres and even time periods! I love it all. But since I'm leaving my job for new digs soon, I've been savoring my ability to listen to hip hop in the work place this week! Not sure yet if it'll be allowed in the new work place just yet. 

I hope you guys enjoy it, 


You can listen to this playlist directly on Spotify here


The Friday Playlist Project TAKEOVER

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