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14 People and Things that Can Stay in 2014

As we round out the year, of course there's nothing better than looking back over what has been for the last twelve months. One of my favorite bloggers/youtube personalities, Kid Fury, does a list similar to this every year, so I took this page out of his book. 

From the trends, the slang, public figures and pop culture - I'm running down my list of people and things that I would leave in 2014 if I could! I may (or may not) do a video version of this list if time permits - so I'll keep my points short and elaborate more later - HERE WE GO:

14. Instagram Eyebrows: When done correctly, filling your brows can pull together a flawless makeup application seamlessly. When overdone or done in a manner that doesn't match with one's face, filled eyebrows can draw immediate attention to the WRONG features about your face. Leave the tapered overdrawn eyebrows in 2014, please!

13. "Basic": Could any term be more debasing, overused and unnecessary? Pretty much every woman who enters Starbucks, likes shopping at Target and the like is a "Basic" B*&$h. I could do without ever seeing that word again. 

12. BAE: Need I say more? 


11. Kim Kardashian's Naked Body: I highly doubt I'll get this wish granted, but a girl can dream. I enjoy the timeless art of leaving a little to the imagination. Kim clearly does not. 


10.  Chris Brown and Karrueche: Truthfully this goes for several celebrity couples that you can't ignore if you read blogs. Recently these two had quite the nasty break up - AGAIN - if they can't leave each other alone, can they leave us out of it? The extended instagram digs and revelations are TMI, thanks! Leave it here for 2014!

9. Reality Trash: I'm as guilty as anyone of loving reality TV. What I don't like is the obvious exploitation of young men and women to be put in obviously inflammatory situations. As fun as watching some of the juicy drama is, it's just not cool watching people fight for the cameras anymore - Looking at you Mona Scott Young. If only we could leave THAT in 2014. 

8. THOT: This slang - an acronym for "That Hoe Over There" - needs to go. Plain and simple. It doesn't even make grammatical sense in use, and it's just another nasty expression. 2014, you can keep this one too. 

7. Momma Dee's Music Career: You "Deserve" several seats. If you don't know what I'm talking about - here it is, and sorry in advance. 

6. Kylie Jenner's lips and makeup tutorials: If I never see another makeup artist or Facebook friend try to recreate this teenager's overdrawn lips it'll be too soon. Over it! 

5. #WCW: At first it was a cute and fun practice seeing who people would put up as their "Woman Crush Wednesday" pick. Now it's turned into a barrage of half naked women with all of their "assets" on display and it's more of a parade of physicality than a celebration of women who are beautiful inside out. You can read more on that from ABD's LOLA here. 

4. Bad Weaves: Listen, this is my list and in the words of Nene Leakes "I said what I said. There is no reason your hair should look a mess as long as youtube, and hair blogs exist! Get Edge-ucated, blend your leave out and please hide your tracks.  

3. Fleek: Again with the slang. I don't know if I'm getting old(er) and out of touch, but this word - meant to mean that something is "on point," - just annoys me in every manner it's used. Whether it's used to describe your eyebrows, your edges or your nails, it sounds like a dietary supplement and we should all just leave it here in 2014 and move on.   

2. Tragedies and The Racial Divide: If I could truly wish for anything to stay in 2014 while we move on to 2015, it'd be tragedies such as those still being protested in Ferguson and New York for men like Mike Brown and Eric Garner. I wrote more extensively about my feelings on this here, but I pray that next year is filled with a little less of this kind of unnecessary sadness and turmoil. 

1. Internet Thugs: We all know a few Cowboys and Cowgirls behind a keyboard. Even just since launching this blog, I've learned loads about trolls and people who just get on the internet to unleash their ugly unsolicited two cents. The internet allows you to be whoever you want to be, even if that's a bully. If I could leave that right here, I would!


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