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Summer in San Francisco

I think I may have gone home to the Bay Area more this year than any since I moved here before my 15th birthday. I don't care where you're from, there's always a sense of comfort in returning to your hometown. I'm originally from Oakland, but went to school and lived in a little town called Rodeo; but there's a special kind of something about all of the San Francisco Bay Area. This summer I went back for three events that were huge to me. The first was the Beyonce and Jay Z "On the Run" tour, the second was a live version of one of my favorite podcasts, "The Read" (if you don't know about this, PLEASE help yourself to some sophisticated ignorance and google them.) And the third occasion was my one year wedding anniversary which I spent at Fisherman's wharf with my husband. I had so much fun and so many new experiences, I thought I'd share my favorite memories from this summer in the city!

Best friends, Amazing food, Yucky Curry and a Gorgeous View!

  • The most horrible curry I've ever tasted: My best friend (ABD contributor Lola!) and I went straight from work to see Beyonce and Jay Z in concert, so when we got to San Francisco we were STAR-VING. We went from bar to bar trying to just get something quick to eat and ended up stumbling on this place with the grossest food! I took a picture just to prove it really happened! I was so hungry we just grabbed some chicken nuggets from McDonalds on the way to the stadium, and I'm not afraid to say I stuck the fries in my bra to get them past security. Hilarious. 
  • Seeing Jay Z and Beyonce perform in the same place at the same time: Need I say  more?! Lola and I screamed like we were in a horror movie!!! I can cross that off my bucket list now. 
  • The BEST soul food I have ever tasted in my life: No, seriously! I was looking for my grandma in the back of the kitchen. When we came back to SF for "The Read" live, Lola had made reservations at a restaurant called "Gussies." If you're in driving range of San Francisco, you need to go, like, yesterday. All I need to say is Red Velvet Waffles, Pecan Butter and homemade syrup. Hungry yet? This sooooo made up for the horrible curry. 
  • Seeing Kid Fury and Crissle in the flesh: Again, I ask that you google these two if you don't know who they are. I live for their podcast every week, and they are every bit as hilarious, smart and charming in person as on their show. 
  • Being on the Pacific Ocean with my husband: Confession! I don't know how to swim, therefore, being out in the ocean is just not in the equation for me, or my hair at this point. But for our first anniversary as husband and wife, we took a cruise on the bay, and got to see some amazing sights. I spent most of my life crossing the Golden Gate regularly, but I have never seen it like this before. That day was awesome. I got to feel like a tourist, running up and down the wharf, buying crocheted hats for our boys and stopping in random bars for drinks. Good times!

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