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Shut Up, Please

I'm a little snarky this week, if you can't tell. That may have a little more to do with PMS than I'd like to admit, but I'll take all the credit for it myself. I'm a big girl like that.

I'm a mama to two small sponges, so "shut up" is on the bad words list, but the past couple days, it's seriously all I want to say to people. Just SHUT UP. 



At home. At work.  But specifically on social media. 

All my whiny Facebook friends can REALLY shut up. 

In fact, Shut the HELL up. 

Specifically about your haters. Or your boyfriend. Or how bad your life is. 

News flash: I know the presence of that status update box makes it tempting to overshare. It's a virtual soapbox. I know it's hard to resist the urge to stand up there and shout to us all about the things going on in your life. Sometimes when my husband is having a day, it's really REALLY tempting to get on and blast him from here to kingdom come. Then I remember - I married him. He's my problem, and I'm his problem (a really bratty, demanding, queen of Sheba type of problem.) And no one really cares. 

The people who do care? I have their numbers. I can call or text them and let them know. 

So the next time you want to let everyone know that your check was $400 and you have no money - Shut up. Why are you putting your finances out there to associates from high school and fringe friends? Do you expect us to loan you some money? Let me know how that works. 

Everyone is hating on you? Please DON'T tell me more. The likelihood is high that at least ONE of those people are telling you the honest truth - So shut UP. 

Your boyfriend is trash? I didn't see all of us there when you picked him, and you'll still be a garbage digger tomorrow when you two make up - Kindly shut up. 

And if you're doing the "my-life is-so-sad-please-pay-me-attention-but-I'm-not-going-to-tell-you--the-problem" deal - You can REALLY shut up. That's attention seeking 101 and ambiguity really grinds my gears. 

So don't tell Mino and Nelly that I said it, but please pass on the message to anyone you know who's offenses are listed here that they can SHUT UP, PLEASE!


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