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One Thing I Can't Live Without - #Blogtober14 Day 3

Tumbler from Shopslave2beauty.com

Tumbler from Shopslave2beauty.com

My instant reaction when I read this prompt was "FAMILY." But then I had to step back and think of Nika the person, not Nika the mommy. Well I cannot live without... drumroll please? COFFEE! I live on coffee. it's like my little pep talk in the morning. I'm a proud gold card carrying member of the Starbucks community, but I don't discriminate. I'll take it from a gas station, McDonalds, heck, if the struggle is that real, you can just boil some water and make me a cup of Folgers; Just give me my darn cup of joe, and no one has to get hurt. 

You can't be as crazy busy and multitask the way I do without either espresso or something illegal (kidding - sort of) so I choose the substance that's legal to start my days off with a bang! Thank you coffee for always being there in a clutch. After a long night working on school work, or house work, or staying up with a sick child. You're the real MVP. 


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