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My Fall Bucket List - #Blogtober14 Day 5

So I have big plans for this fall! My boys are getting bigger and more able to engage in all the fun there is to be had! On my bucket list for Autumn 2014. 

  • Jump in a pile of leaves - Here in California it's still like summer, but I've spotted some leaves coming down and I'm ready to take to boys for some good old fashioned leaf pile jumping!
  • Gut a pumpkin and carve it with my boys - There's nothing better than fresh pumpkin seeds and I know my boys, especially Mino, can't wait to dig into the soft mushy pulp of a pumpkin and carve some goofy faces into their own pumpkins. 
  • Decorate the Townhouse - I'm far too excited about comfy cozy new throws, yummy smelling candles from Bath and Body, Painting pumpkins for a glam fall centerpiece and even putting up the halloween decorations with the kids. 
  • Make my First Pumpkin Pie - Yes, I have never made a pumpkin pie. I'm more of an apple girl myself, but Mino's been all about pumpkin everything (I don't know if he's getting this from other kids at school) so mama and Mino are going to make a pie! 
  • Go to a Pumpkin Patch - Again, see the last bullet point. I shall take the pumpkin obsessor to pick out his very own pumpkin. 
  • Go Apple Picking - I'm more of an apple girl as I said!
  • Make Smores - Again, Mino has a billion requests, and Nelly agrees on this one
  • Have Family Movie Night in Front of a Fire - Self Explanatory!

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