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If I Won The Lottery - #Blogtober Day 1

So I'm joining Bloggers "Helene In Between" and Taylor Grace Wolfe in their "Blogtober" prompts. One prompt for each day for the month of October. What a fun and easy way to write new content! So Day One is "If you won the potter you'd":

Well folks, if I won the lottery, not a lot would change! For one, I would NOT stop working. I love to work, I have zero desire to be a stay at home wife. What I do not only gives me purpose, but I like what I do. It's challenging, aggressive, but better than other things I could have been stuck doing to bring home the bacon. My "babies" are both in school and not really babies at all, so I would have no one to cater to at home and scrubbing floors in the daytime is just not what I do. And I guess I'd be able to afford to make someone clean the floors? And the boys' bathroom too... Nothing like small people who don't know how to aim. Okay, so just writing (thinking) aloud here, we would get a maid - check! 

I would however be a pain (even more than I can be now) at work. Let's face it, people who don't rely on their salaries are just sassier than people who need the kids' tuition money. So acting a hot mess at work - check!

I would also buy a house with an office/makeup room with a LOCK. Do you know how great it would be NOT to find little fingerprints in a $60 eyeshadow palette? I would also have a place in the house to display my absurd princess ball gown of a wedding dress. I love that dress and it deserves to be on display darn it! Dream house with space for me, maid to clean it up, and me walking around work just daring someone to send me home - check, check and check!

Other than that, I'm not sure how much would change? Eh, maybe I buy my husband a sports car? Pay all my student loans off (did I mention I will NEVER stop going to school?) create college funds for the kids. Take my vacation days for an actual vacation for once? I'm actually a very happy girl as it is! I'd like to think I'd try to be responsible and live reasonably... lottery or not. I'm no fun, I know! But the best advice I ever got (from Lola) when I got my first salary and huge pay bump was to "live like you still make "x" dollars." We'd all be wise, lottery or not, to follow that advice. 


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