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I Am Not My Makeup

When I wake up, one of the highlights of my morning is "putting on my face." Not only that, but getting ready for the day in itself is a process that I love. It's time I get every morning to choose how I want to feel for the day. Am I feeling boho-chic? A bit of grunge today? Or Maybe I'm feeling the whimsy of the flow of asymmetric dress. Yep, that'll do it. I enjoy the transformation from start to finish. Finally, I feel "ready"  Now don't get me wrong, I have my share of "rolled-out-of-bed-at-6:00-A.M.-can-hardly muster-the-strength-to-dress-the-kids" days; but for the most part, I'm a pretty put together mama when I step out for the day (Except for the toddler height toothpaste stain I don't see on the back of my skirt, thanks Nelly!)


I would say until my 20's I never paid much to what strangers thought of me - Duh, I was a teenager. but in the last couple years, especially, I have noticed more and more the manner in which some people respond to me when they've never met me before. I began to notice a certain look in the eyes of people I'd never seen before, It said to me "Who does she think she is?" I even had a couple of incidents when someone I'd recently become acquainted with tell me the way I appeared made them think I was "stuck up" until they got to know me - why is that ever ok to tell someone? Then you have the people who barely know you, but just want to make sure to tell you, "you're naturally beautiful too, you know?" Side eye. 

Overthinkers and naturalistas alike, listen here: I am not my makeup. I had a couple of moments that I began to feel the chip on my shoulder enlarging. "They don't know me." But it hit me eventually. They don't know me. Sometimes we have to step out of our own perception of things to see where people may have gotten a little lost in receiving us. As people we always seem to want to judge others based on their actions yet want to be understood for our intentions. Like I said, I only intend to kick my day off the "right" way for me, which includes getting way too gussied up for some people. That's okay, I'm never going to be everyone's cup of tea. However, the lady behind me in the Starbucks line giving me the side eye probably has no clue I use my $60 manicured nails to dig boogies out of little noses and I only really have this dress on because it was a one step outfit, and Mino needed me to find his shoes, so I come second. Everyone we meet is fighting this crazy battle we call life people. Everyone is more than what they appear. 


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