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Five Things I Told Myself When I Started Blogging - #Blogtober Day 6

So I was thinking of skipping this prompt because I am still so new to blogging. I've been writing for what feels like forever, but day to day posting to an audience as wide and public as the internet is not how I saw myself diving in and proclaiming myself a writer. So instead of the ten things I wish I told myself, I'll tell you guys the five things I've told myself thus far: 

  1. Be Yourself: I made ABD about 4 times before it felt authentic, but I'm proud to say it feels like ME, and no one else, for better or worse. 
  2. Write What You Want To Read: I created ABD to fill the void that I felt there was in the blogosphere, so  I write the things I wanted to read when I was just a reader. 
  3. Rome Wasn't Built In A Day: When I look at some of the blogs I love so much and envy their success and their following, I have to remind myself, they worked for that. It wasn't cultivated overnight. I just have to keep at it. 
  4. Uphold Your Boundaries: My husband is a big proponent of priorities. He's far more laid back than me, which I actually love. But one thing he's always stressed in all of my endeavors is to keep the right things first, and blogging can quickly bleed into every aspect of your life. Everything can end up on the blog! So I've pressed myself to stick to my boundaries. Not everything is for public consumption. 
  5. Get a THICK Skin Girlfriend: In a week of being live, ABD has gotten far more attention than I thought it would. I mean who wants to read about my crazy life? Well a few hundred people have! Along with all of the positivity has come negativity. I'm just not everyone's cup of tea, and I can't plummet my character dishing insults back at the people who throw nasty words my way. 

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