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Confidence of the "Nap"tural Girl!

Confidence of the "Nap"tural Girl!

It was April 19, 2012 when I decided to “let it all go”… that is… my hair… the BIG CHOP!! I was tired of being a slave to that “creamy crack”, waiting every 8 weeks to have bone straight hair. Growing up, especially in high school, Superficiality was the main focus… your image. Sadly enough, hair was a part of this “hidden rule book” that we all believed to be true. What made one popular consisted of a bunch of questions such as… What shoes is she wearing? Are her clothes named brand? Does she have long hair? Our mere acceptance was based on these questions- amongst others that were listed in this “hidden rule book!”

At the age of 26 I now have the “who gives a hoot?” attitude- which has worked for me. My hair does not define who I am as a woman. So I did it! I walked into the shop and told my hairstylist to chop it all off and give me some shape. As a plus size woman, I did wonder if I had the face for it and if my nose was too big… that’s just me being honest. However, it all boiled down to… it’s hair and it will grow back. I heard those shears chop away at my damaged hair- the split ends, the lifeless color, the thin strands were all falling to the floor and I LOVED every second of it! She handed me the hand held mirror and… WA LAH…. I felt like a new woman! It was at that point I knew I had matured… I, too, was a superficial person in school (thanks to my parents who made my image… funny how that works!). I did not care what anyone else thought of me, how round my face was, or if my nose was big. I was starting a new journey… a healthy hair journey!

As a mother (and I’m pretty sure there are others who would agree with me)… we all want to raise confident girls (this applies to our young boys too) who can successfully navigate their way through this thing we call life. We have to remember… we are the tree that the apple falls from. We should instill and help our children…

  • BUILD a healthy body image both in and out.

  • ENCOURAGE an adventurous spirit- focusing on discovering new places, engaging the mind, and pursuing healthy interests and positive ideas.

  • TEACH them to speak up- having a voice and standing up for one’s self and needs.

  • SEEK out worthy and healthy role models

  • BE the role model yourself- we can tell our child(ren) to do “this and that”… the question is, Are we practicing what we preach?

  • PROMOTE kindness- kindness is beautiful, especially if it’s pure. Teaching them to purposely learn to love others, not only brings joy but allows them to grow humble love and respect for themselves.

  • GIVE compliments as a whole and not just outward appearance.

    3 years later I am still embracing my “nap”tural hair in its entirety. The texture, the curls, the thickness and as a whole, most importantly, I love the skin I’m in. As we embark on this natural hair journey together I will provide tips, discuss the trials and tribulations of having natural hair, reviews on products, and much, much more. For now, I’m going to close on this note…

  • OWN and LOVE your natural hair

  • Whether straight, kinky, curly, or relaxed… remember CONFIDENCE is the best accessory to wear!

  • It’s ok to be yourself!


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