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Let's Talk Moisture!

I have a lot of natural clients who ask, " what can I use to bring moisture back into my hair?"  or " why does my hair feel so dry and brittle?"

If this is you listen up!  lets start from the basics: what shampoo do you use? is it sulfate free? This little ingredient is very important when it comes to our natural hair. You also need to make sure to use a shampoo that is alcohol free - that's what really gives our hair that dry and brittle feel. The alcohol and sulfate strip our natural hair of oils that we produce and protein which nourish and enrich our hair and keep it from being dry. A moisturizing shampoo that's great for dry hair is, Crème of nature  Kiwi & citrus ultra moisturizing shampoo which can be found at Target or your local beauty supply store.

Now your conditioner is a whole different story. It's good to always keep your products in the same family meaning if you use the shampoo use the same conditioner. lately I have been seeing a lot of beauty companies marketing double hitter shampoo and conditioner all in one and even some cleansing conditioners, which means you can use it as a leave-in as well. One that I highly recommend is WEN's Fig Cleansing Conditioner. I use it for every wash because it locks in moisture to your hair also while giving your scalp a cool tingly feel. This product is the one of the best things to use on natural hair, along with others that are safe to use for natural hair without damaging or drying the hair out. Overall the most important thing about what you cleanse and moisturize your hair with is, to read the back of the bottle make sure it is alcohol and sulfate free and with no other ingredients that will most likely dry your hair out! These tips are the foundation for moisturized hair full of life. 


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