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Extensions: Are They For You?

Anyone who knows me knows I am a weave and wig enthusiast! Let me tell you why. I graduated high school and had a head full of long, thick, hair. That's because my mother took amazing care of it. But like all good things, that came to an end. I personally love to switch up my look. I can't stick to a color to save my life and I love to play with heat tools (Raven will surely tell you all why these are bad, bad things). I was essentially committing healthy hair suicide, not to mention I was nowhere near as skilled then with hair as I am now, so going from blonde, (yes, blonde), to red, to dark burgundy and back again was wiping my hair out like a wildfire.

Eventually I found my way to wearing partial extensions and inevitably u-part wigs and full wigs. I get to have the versatility I desire and my real hair is once again full and plentiful. I can be blonde today, a brunette next week, have 20 inches of hair or 12, all while protecting my own real hair. And extensions are getting better and better. You can have as much or as little commitment as you want. From being able to take your hair out (or off) daily to weekly, or monthly. The ABD team is extremely knowledgable on this subject as well as caring for your natural hair and we know people have a million questions about this stuff! If you have questions, email them to Shanika@abeautifuldisasterblog or Raven@abeautifuldisasterblog and we'll be tackling them one by one in our posts!

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