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I wrote a post when the blog launched called "Not That Kind Of Natural" - You can read that here 

I just wasn't feeling like a part of the club. I didn't get it. My natural hair life was sucky. That's putting it nicely. 

I didn't have a fancy twist out, or curls I loved or a cabinet full of must have products for my natural hair. Just a head full of super curly, ultra thick, defiant, disrespectful curls. 

Curls I was about to put to a sudden death by relaxer. I never even had one before and I wanted one! It was that bad. 

And then...

The heavens opened, clouds parted and angels sang. Okay, I'm lying some more. 

I found THIS at walmart: 

It made my hair BEHAVE. Like when your grandma came with the spoon type of behave. Every curl got its act together. It was like a EUREKA moment. Seriously! 

So my new mission is to continue to explore my natural texture and this idea of loving my hair. I'm going to stick with the Shea Moisture products and let you guys know how I like them as time goes on. 

I also let my sister flat iron it and cut off the stray ends, and I'll be wearing my natural hair for an entire week. The longest I've worn it since 2012. It's worlds healthier, softer and longer than it was before I swore off the heat and my sister will be doing a video with me on hair care under your protective styles, so look for that this weekend. 


I'm not the master of all things natural, but I'm getting closer to finding what works. If you're like me, stick to it! We can do this. Let me know of anything else I should try and I'll be back with further updates on my hot mess "naturalista" life. 

Confidence of the "Nap"tural Girl!

Confidence of the "Nap"tural Girl!

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