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My Must Have Straight Hair Products

Having straight hair is no biggie right? Wrong. One thing I know about when I have straight hair is I want it to be anything but boring, flat and slick. So I'm going to run down my five must have products for a glorious, flowing, but still straight mane! 

  • Organix Brazilian Keratin Shampoo: This shampoo packs a punch in the straightening department, trust me. My mother in law once accidentally used it on curly extensions. They aren't curly anymore, honey. So much of how our hair behaves starts right from what we use to wash it. So I use this to start with and it lays the foundation for my straight textures to be sleek. This retails for about $6 at Target or Walmart. I'm big on Organix products because they (mostly) lack a lot of alcohol, parabens and sulfates that are bad for your hair, and they're extremely affordable. But still read any packaging to ensure you're not damaging your hair with the same thing that's supposed to be helping it! 

  • Most straight hair isn't actually all that straight to begin with. Even with extensions, a lot of the hair that's marketed as straight has at least a slight wave to it, especially after a good wash. Which leads me to my next product. You should never straighten extensions let alone your real hair without a decent heat protectant. It prevents you from damaging your investment or your own real hair. My go to heat protectant is Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Oil Heat Protectant Spray. LISTEN not only does this prevent me from frying my hair, it smells like heaven. I wouldn't lie to you! It's not too heavy and doesn't add too much oil given the spray mechanism, which is a god send! Even better, it's $1.50 at Sally's!


  • You know what will kill a beautiful head of straight hair? Too much oil. I know I just suggested some oil to you, but listen! Dry shampoo NEEDS to be in your arsenal  if you intend not to have to wash your hair daily. My go to for straight hair is Tigi Pro Day 2 Dry Shampoo. I picked this up from Sally's a while ago and it saved me from the mid-week co washing that used to drag my Wednesdays to hell. It's about $11 at Sally's and a decent spray of this throughout my hair keeps it swinging light and full of body.





  • Again, I don't do flat hair. If you're like me, you don't either. Straight hair doesn't have to mean FLAT to your head hair. Although sometimes hair needs a little help finding this out! My fave product to combat this issue is Paul Mitchell's Volumizing Spray Root Lifter. This gives the hair a lot of bounce and lift. You can find this at Ulta for about $15. It's the bomb.com if you want to give your hair a bit of UMPH! 

  • I fight flyaways like a Ghostbuster fights ghosts, I swear. But this little baby right here helps a TON. I've always been a "Big Sexy" fan, and this Straight Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal Anti-Frizz spray is one of the reasons why. It weighs down those stubborn little hairs that always want to play peek-a-boo with the world. It's a bit pricy at $18 from any salon retailer, BUT trust me it's worth it and it gets the job done!

Again, remember that ALL hair is different. These tips are a guideline and tool for you to go in the right direction. What works for my straight hair may not work for yours. Let me know in the comments if you pick up any of these products and how you like them! I'll be back with my Wavy Favorites next week! Stay GORGEOUS. 


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