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Time for a Trim?

If you are one to put off a trim every time you get your hair done listen up!!!!

Its better to get rid of dead ends instead of holding on to length. By skipping a trim you are not allowing your hair to grow and be healthy like it should. Those dead ends you are carrying around for length are doing nothing but breaking higher and higher up your root shaft. This will eventually cause your hair to start shedding and eventually break and fall off. You know we dont need that! Every 6 to 8 weeks for my relaxed and chemically treated ladies, a trim is a must!!! Now to all my natural ones 8 to 10, you dont have any chemicals in your hair but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have to get a trim either. If you use the blow dryer, or the flatiron you may apply heavy products that dry your ends and then they become brittle. That's when its time to get the ends trimmed.

Let me clarify that the word trim doesn't mean half your hair being cut off. No. It simply means trimming the hair that is dead or dusting the little bit that is. So the next time your stylist says you need a trim go ahead and get that trim, dont cheat your hair out of being healthy.

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