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Repairing Heat Damaged Hair

Does your hair feel dry and brittle? Shedding and breaking off all over the place? I had these issues when I was natural with no chemicals in my hair and even now that I do have a relaxer, I sometimes have that dry brittle feeling.

What you are washing with all comes into your hair being dry also the products you are using to style your hair. Once again, make sure the products you use are sulfate free, free of alcohol and salt, those three things alone will dry your hair completely out. More than that though, heat styling can do a number on your hair as well - leading to breakage, frizziness, and changes in texture.

Here is a home regimen that you can do every 2 weeks to get your hair feeling and looking healthy again: First get a clarifying shampoo to cleanse your hair of all dirt and product build up on your hair then go in with a moisturizing shampoo , (Keritan shampoo, creme of nature, one n only, Shea moisture,  Carols Daughter, Kenra,etc).

Once your hair is cleansed, apply an even amount of virgin olive oil , coconut oil or you can get a small valve tube of a hot oil treatment from your local beauty supply store and use that as well. Once the oil is evenly spread then apply your deep conditioner from any of those brands listed before or the one of your choice. Apply a shower cap or plastic wrap around your head and sit under a dryer for 1 hour or without a dry for 2 hrs, rinse and towel dry apply a small amount of olive oil, coconut oil whichever and blow dry or air dry. Last but not least style away. You should have that healthy feel again by repeating this every 2weeks. 

When styling your hair with heat tools, always ensure that you're using a heat protectant or oil barrier between the heat and your hair. Also, try to limit the amount of heat treatment your hair has and look for heat-free alternatives to maintaining your style. Wrapping your hair, curling rods and the like can stretch the amount of time between heat applications to your hair. Use these tips to maintain happy, healthy, flawless hair beauties!

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