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Moroccan Surf Paste


I'm always picking up hair products it seems. I stumbled upon this Moroccan Surg Paste and my inner hoarder had to have it. This paste is free from my least favorite ingredients, sulfates and alcohol, but does have Argan oil, sea kelp, and a divine scent. I'd describe it as similar to edge control or pomade in consistency. I used a tiny bit in my damp hair to get a "beachy" wave consistency, and loved it! It wasn't too thick or sticky in consistency in my hair. Actually, it was light enough that I was able to flat iron it the next day without re-washing due to any product build up. Despite it being similar to edge control, I wouldn't use it in that capacity. When I did try it on my edges, it definitely held my hair, but it left a flaky residue when I brushed my hair that night. A deal breaker for me on that note! But an excellent styling pomade all the same. You can find this for $8 at Target or any local retailer who carries Organix products near you. 

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