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Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte

So this summer was CLEARLY a life overhaul for me. This book was in a long line of many that I read for the benefit of not only my mind, but my soul. This book is all about getting to the heart of what you really want and finding a way to capitalize on it. I found this book on another blogger's instagram and ordered it on a whim. What a find! 

Danielle gets it. She's not preachy at all, but writes to you like a girlfriend. I was sold when she opened the book with a story on how her company with a friend went belly up and she chose to stick to her principles and not bury the same people who put her in a corner. I identified with her morals and her genuine voice. She chose to take the third choice, not tuck her tail, \ roll over and play dead, not go on the attack, but to be the bigger person and walk away with what she could, only to end to be better for it.

Through this book Danielle asks you the hard hitting questions. What do you really want to do? What makes your soul happy? Chapter one asks you to "Declare Your Superpower." She'll make you want to start getting rid of things and people who just don't serve that purpose anymore; be it romantic, professional or personal relationships. This book will jump start you on a new journey to true fulfillment. Read it for yourself and let me know how you like it! 

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gentlewoman by Enitan Bereola II