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Welcome to my blog. I document my life while running in heels, as well as giving you style, beauty, food, literary findings and a few laughs along the way.

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Devotionals - A Brief Explainer

A Beautiful Disaster is going to be taking on a turn for the better (in my opinion.) 

Please know that I never intended to pigeon hole myself into being a beauty blogger, or any form of blogger, and that this site will take the direction my life takes - perks of being the boss. I find that writing, and any art for that matter,  is most authentic when it is based on things we are passionate about. And one thing I'm passionate about is faith, and my relationship with God and Jesus Christ. 

The reason it never really spilled over into my blogging was I always felt a little too imperfect, less than holy enough to advise anyone in any way on how to walk in faith, how to deal with the unanswered questions, etc. And then I realized, I'm pretty much that way in every other area I speak and write on under ABD. And who are we kidding? Everyone is pretty much winging it and giving you their best interpretation. So why would I tell you about fashion and makeup, things I love for sure, but not the BIGGEST thing in my life -  My love and reverence of the Lord? I don't know what took me so long. 

These posts won't always necessarily revolve solely around Christian faith, but belief, spirituality and alignment of your personal beliefs as well, so take what you need. 

With that being said, if this subject matter is not for you, I'm completely fine with that. I hope that you'll still browse the recipes, the videos, the wardrobe tips and beauty advice. I try to make ABD as all inclusive and receptive to every reader as possible, and hope this only brings more readers, seekers and believers in Christ.



Free Falling With God