Lola A. 


Welcome to the singleton perspective of a beautiful disaster. And I truly am a disaster. A twenty-something full-time graduate student and legal assistant, I shop in the kids' section, curse like a sailor, drink wine straight out the bottle and have no qualms about going out in public in my pajamas. I’m trying to become a better person, I promise. Follow me through my many journeys – work life, quest to law school, living in a very full house of 12, and my disastrous attempts at dating.  I know exactly what I want, whether or not I get it is a different story.

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets…..

Not really, but a girl can dream.

Jasmine B. 



Hey, I’m Jasmine! 23 year old mommy of two, one boy (5) and one girl (2) and I’m a card carrying member of team 2 and through! No more children for me, thank you. I’ve been married for two years but was engaged after only knowing my husband three months (I know what I want!) I started off working toward my RN degree, but when my mother started Princess Hair Shop, I quit school to help her. We started off in her living room and grew to own our own store location and now I get to help run our widely known extensions brand. Obviously given my job, I love hair, and even more I love wigs! You will never catch me with a sew in – I love versatility and feeling like a different woman every day. Besides life as a working mother and wife, I am also a self-taught extreme couponer. YES, I have a stockpile and I love to shop my own house for things I need. I am also a makeup hoarder, so my beauty knowledge is up to par as well - from drug store makeup to luxury brands – I love it all! I also LOVE to cook, so I’ll be sharing my recipes here at ABD. If you’re a busy working mom like me, or if you’re just hungry, I can show you how to whip up something delicious! Stay tuned!

Raven H. 

My name is Raven Hawkins I have been a hairstylist for several years, I started off doing natural hair that included, braids, extensions and flatirons. Through the years I picked up some tips and tricks from other hairstylist which it helped me out a lot, I picked up quickly on making custom units and u-parts. In July, 2013 I enrolled myself  into The Paul Mitchell School of Sacramento.  I'm a well rounded with an eye for style.

Outside of doing hair I am also a mother to my four year old son and have been with my boyfriend for five years. I’m also one of the most animated people you’ll ever meet. Don’t blame me if I burst into random song. I love to laugh and I love life. Follow my hair tips here on ABD and you’ll never be anything less than fabulous!