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Jesus on the Main Line

A little background for those who don't know - I married into a pastoral family. 

Every Sunday from their birth, Mino and Nelly have been in church for the most part. 

It's been amazing to see God work in such small children. 

It's also been interesting to have to explain why a three year old rebuked the devil from another child at his private preschool. Oops. 

Then there are moments, like recently when Mino remarked about Jennifer Hudson's dress in a church scene on Empire, exclaiming "She can't wear that dress to church!" Those moments make me a pretty proud mama. 

But one that took the cake came last week. 

I, like many parents probably do, have taken the time to teach Mino my name, phone number, our address, and what to do if he's ever in any kind of trouble or danger. 

I came home and decided to drill him on these facts. 

What is Mommy's name? What is Daddy's name? What is Mommy's number? Where do we live?

He was doing so well. He knew it all. 

And then I asked him, "Who do you call if you're ever lost?"

He looked at me with that winning smile and said, "JESUS."

Ummmmmm...Yes, but no. 

"You can pray to Jesus," I said, "But you need to call mommy, Mino."

He looked me square in the eye and said "But Jesus can help me more than you can." 

He had a point there. 

We might have a little more emergency prep and drilling to do, that's for sure. 

But I won't have to worry about Mino getting in touch with The Lord in times of trouble. He's got that one down pat. 


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