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Sgt. Mino of the Womb Police

Remember the old saying, be careful what you wish for?

For me, having one child was a feat. The second, in only a short time trying was a shock. I won't go into long winded details, but I've battled with reproductive issues and their side effects since I was in my teens. Obviously I have no daughters, only my Mino and Nelly, and I made my peace with the fact that more children, let alone a daughter, are pretty much not in the cards for me. 

If recent events are a sign, however, someone forgot to let Mino in on this little tidbit. 

Some kids ask for a new bike. 

Others want to go to Disneyland. 

My son wants a sister. Immediately. Like for his birthday in June, in a box with a pink bow - that type of on demand service. 

I've tried to explain in the best way that I can to a five year old, that we just aren't in the baby making business right now, and even if we were, it'd take a while to get a sister. AND that even if we did have a baby, it may in fact be another boy. 

But nothing is doing it. He is intent on having a sister. 

I even reminded him that mommy has two sisters and he's really not missing out on much. 

No Dice. 

Every chance he gets he reminds me that he is in need of a beloved sister. He even got Nelly in on the action, but when I informed Nelly that a new baby would mean he would no longer be the baby, he quickly left Mino to push this agenda on his own - smart man, Nelly. 

I'm patiently waiting for this to let up and for some other fleeting desire  (maybe a race car or even that trip to Disneyland?) to fill its place. But for now I'm still a "Mean mommy who doesn't let him have anything fun, like a sister."

If you'd like to hear Mino's passionate plea for a sister, you can watch it below:  

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