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Animal House

Animal House

Some people can admit when their plate is full. 

I am not that person. 

And so we got a puppy. 

ABD meet Benjamin, our yorkipoo. We prefer to call him Benji. 

But he's gained some other nicknames... 

Like Rascal; 

Spartan (he's really got no clue he's small) 

Leonidas (This is Sparta, after all). 

The hysterical fact is that every one or dog in my family is male. 

And unruly. 

Even my fur baby is hyperactive. 

Mino and Nelly are thrilled, however. 

And  I've woken up to a scene reminiscent of something out of "Chicken Run" more than once. 

So bring on the anarchy. 

I now live in a literal animal house. 

Pray for me. 

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