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Your Children Are Watching

So I made my first posts about my children very loving, just so that when I began to reveal my screw ups, you all know that I truly love, live and breathe for my two little monsters, eh, children. Now that we've established that, let me tell you how I messed up royally last week. 

It was a quiet afternoon (well, as quiet as my afternoons in the office can get) and I received a call. You know that "come get your kid, he did x, y and z" call. Well this time it was Mino. And what did he do, you ask? He told his neighbor he was going to come over there and slap him. And when I asked Mino what on God's green earth would possess him to advise his neighbor of this impending slap, he told me, "Because, he wouldn't stop looking at me." 

I was just about ready to blow my lid. Really? I'm off of work, hours early, and all you have to say for yourself is "he wouldn't stop looking at me?" And then it occurred to me to ponder on where a five year old would have gotten such a proclamation. Well folks, that would be me. Guilty. I did it, I admit it. I constantly make empty threats, especially while driving, where my children have a front row seat. It's so easy to forget that the little ears are ALWAYS listening, until you're front row and center with Principal so-and-so explaining how it won't happen again.

So I had to suck it up and have the talk with my son about why we don't threaten our friends, as opposed to playing bad cop. I'm the Bad Mommy with the potty mouth - that's me - causing threats in a kindergarten class near you. But honestly, as parents, we have to be mindful that our children are like small mirrors. I take the loss on this one. I shall not threaten to slap strangers on the freeway. Write it with me people!

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