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I remember getting pregnant the second time and just knowing in my gut, this is it! This is my little girl. I loved having a son already, but let's be honest here; I was meant to have a daughter. A mini me! A little girl to wear matching outfits with mommy, get cute pedicures and don the most fashionable attire ever made for a tot. That was the dream. However, as the saying goes, we plan and God laughs. Obviously you all know, I gave birth to another baby boy, My Nelly.

I was so happy to give my Mino a brother, despite having to pick a new name and return all the pink tulle. My boys have the closest bond, though they're so very different. Nelly is as serious as a toddler gets, smart, and so articulate you'd never believe he was only 3. Mino is much more like me, a goofball who never stops talking and not a shy bone in his body. But they love each other and I can hardly imagine one without the other. My house is constantly filled with songs, (Frozen anyone?) laughter, and the crash, bang and booms every mother of boys is readily familiar with. 

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Homework Time

Homework Time