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Homework Time

Homework Time

Mino started Kindergarten this year. Insert mom tears here. When he started school the same week as Nelly started preschool, I thought my heart would physically crack in half. I've been on team "two-and-through" since my unintentional natural delivery with Nelly (YIKES!) but suddenly it seemed like there just hadn't been enough time. I found myself bawling, like ugly Kim Kardashian cry bawling, at the realization I have no more babies! What kind of quality time will I have now, no one wants to sit in my lap, they'd rather roll around and wrestle in their room to the soundtrack of the Power Rangers. 

I searched high and low before choosing where to send him because, lets face it, a bachelors degree is the new high school diploma and good study habits and education don't fall out of the sky. But BOY, does this kid have more work than I ever remember (and I'm not that old, so I do remember.) 

Initially, I had to get my patience together. Mino is just like his mama, except a little less glittery! That means he would rather sing, talk, boogie oogie woogie, just about anything except sit still and go over things he already knows, like his letters, numbers, etc. However, six weeks in and we've hit our groove. This has become "our time." Sometimes I'll write while he works, but I get to be side by side with him, and hear about his day, his friends, what he learned in class. I'm learning to cherish this in the now, knowing one day he won't even need my help for this either, but we'll cross that bridge (surely built over a river of my tears) when we come to it. 

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