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How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Youโ€™re a mean one Mr Grinch
You really are a heel

Evidently, I'm raising the kindergarten class clown. Since his teacher went on maternity leave, Mino has been giving his substitutes what-for. 

This includes talking out of turn, getting out of his seat and just perusing the classroom or even deciding to take a walk outside.  

We tried warnings.  

We took the tv out of his room.  

We took all the fun toys.  

We got many promises that he'd straighten up his goofy ways.  

But again and again, he chooses to do it his way, like Sinatra.  

So this Grinch is taking away his presents, and I don't feel an ounce of remorse.  

Of course I did feel bad at first, then I thought hard on what I remember of Christmas as a child. It's not the gifts I remember. In fact, if I think hard, I can recall a handful of gifts over the course of my childhood out of the mountains of toys my parents would buy.

What I do remember, however, is holiday traditions, seeing all of my family and my grandparents, big holiday dresses and lights on a tree that seemed worlds bigger than me. I remember sneaking downstairs one Christmas Eve just to bask in the lights and listen to the Christmas music that our lights played (that was a thing back then.) I remember the warm ambiance of the holidays and feeling magic in the air. I remember Christmas cookies and carols, but no, I don't remember the gifts.

So while I refuse to reward subpar behavior with toys and electronics, I've refocused on what truly makes Christmas special. My tap dance on the fence about taking presents away from Mino has reminded me what's important about this season. Though I won't be giving him the nice pricy presents I bought him, I'm still giving my son a TRUE Christmas. 

We've decorated the tree and put out all the Christmas plushes.

We hung our Christmas wreath.  

We made delicious, albeit messy, gingerbread men covered in frosting and far too many sprinkles. 

We've watched tons of Classic Christmas movies and ooh'd and aaahhh'd over all the lights.  

We've sang "This Christmas" and "Silent Night" more times than my husband can probably bear.  

And most importantly we've read about the birth of Jesus Christ.  

In all honesty, I think this Christmas without presents (for Mino!) has been a blessing in disguise.  

And who knows, he may turn it around and surprise me. 

But either way, I'll gladly be the Grinch who stole his Christmas (presents!) 


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