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You Can Call Me Orion.


It's November 2nd. Mino and Nelly were Power Rangers for Halloween - Red and Silver Mega Force Rangers to be precise. My husband has already taken away the Halloween candy (he says it's because of the "no sugar" rule, but I know he eats it). It's time to ease on into thanksgiving, but one problem remains. 

Nelly won't remove his costume. I've asked, I've bribed, my sister even tried to pry it from his sleeping body, but he woke up. I could forcibly remove it, but it feels wrong. So we've been out and about, in the public, with a silver ranger. 


This story has no conclusion or moral, except that I'm a sucker and please forgive me should you happen to see me all gussied up, hand in hand with a bite sized Ranger when Halloween is clearly over.

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