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We Went On A Walk And...

I decided it would be a nice idea to walk with the boys to the local Subway for sandwiches. A sunny afternoon stroll with my boys was just what we needed. It was a hot mess at first. Like one of those, "What were you thinking, Nika?" moments. Nelly running, then Mino chasing him and falling because he insisted on wearing flip flops. Then Nelly falling just to do what Mino had done, and busting a hole in his jeans to make matters even better! 

Oh, and then there was the sandwich ordering part. First Nelly said he didn't want a sandwich, and Mino did. Then Mino bucked up to the counter to order and told the woman behind the counter "Turkey please, and lots of pickles!" in a tone so loud that you'd think he was deaf. Then suddenly Nelly wanted a sandwich too. It was short lived though because he saw chocolate milk and forgot all about copying his older brother. I got to do the polite-mom "sorry" to several hungry strangers as Mino and Nelly bumped them while they hopped around in excitement about their chocolate milk. Then I did the one handed toddler grab while I was paying when Nelly decided to push the ice button on the soda machine sending cubes a-flying. Classic. What the hell was I thinking?

On the way home though, my view changed. I fell behind the boys a bit and watched them. They were playing "Freeze!" yelling it out to one another making each other stop in a sort of stop-and-go race. Nelly lost his shoe running, and when he did, Mino dropped down to help him put it on. When he did it again, he helped his brother again. Then they kept skipping up the street, singing, picking flowers and yelling "Freeze!" Mino even showed his brother how the "Big Boys" in Kindergarten line up. 

And suddenly, 

I thought to myself, 

This isn't so bad. Not bad at all. 

We went on a walk... and it was awesome. 

Mino helping Nelly strap up his shoes 

Mino helping Nelly strap up his shoes 

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