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Why I Can't Record a Video To Save My life


I had big dreams for my youtube career. They died today. Okay I'm being dramatic, but I figure my pain is your entertainment and my kids are really being a pain right now. 

I doubt the average youtube watcher knows what goes into making that 10 minute video! It is a LOT. I won't bore you with the details, but today, I made all the right efforts and I just cannot record.  




that I try to speak or press record, one of the small people has to have my attention. And they don't want anything. They just want to make sure that I know that the blue ranger's name is Noah, that Nelly's leg is itchy, Mino loves peanut butter oh and he just had a big green poop. 

So I give up today! Please forgive me. I would love to make a video, but I'm resigned to writing posts this Sunday. At least my word processor doesn't pick up vivid background descriptions of number 2 or the soulful sounds of Nelly singing the ABC's.

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