Fall For Me: Your Autumn Makeup Essentia

It's finally raining in California, which means eternal summer is over (Ciao, sunshine). And I can finally write about Fall makeup without feeling like a loon. That being said, I feel it's only right that I run down some essential makeup must-haves to help you get that sultry, warm, autumn makeup that I, I mean you, have been waiting to rock. 

Hype or Hit?: Liquid Lipsticks

I'm all about the lips - if you've seen me, you know I should be, since they're a dominant feature of my face. If I had to take one beauty product and leave all the rest, I'd choose lipstick. Even still, for a mom on the go, touch ups aren't really in the schedule, and even more than that - who knows if I even took the blasted lipstick with me? So imagine my elation at the current prevalence of liquid lipsticks.  Don't know what a liquid lipstick is or why you need one? Read on...