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Hit or Miss?: Lorac Alter Ego Palette - Dream Girl

Lorac's Summer 2015 line has already begun popping up in stores. Being an Avid fan of Lorac after owning the Pro palettes, The Resort palette and a couple others, I hopped on the opportunity to get 10 of their eyeshadows for the steal of a price of $24.00

Unfortunately, this was one of those cases where it was too good to be true. I REALLY tried to love these, guys. But even with my strongest primer, these shades just didn't cut it for me. The teal shade and the two gold shades had decent color payoff when layered over my NYX jumbo white milk pencil, but otherwise, this palette was a bust for me. 

As you can see in my swatch photo, there's a lot of fall out with these shades. Even if I could get over that, they don't seem to have the same velvety application that I'm used to from Lorac, nor the opaque coverage and blendability. These fall short in almost every way for me. And I used a generous amount of product to do the swatches. I still have yet to try to apply these shadows with fix plus or all nighter spray to see if that will give them the pretty pop that they have in the pan, but I figure for a makeup novice, that's a little much manipulation just to get the color you paid for, and I didn't want to skew my review. This one just didn't do the trick for me. 

Lorac has just released a second Alter Ego Palette, aptly called "Heartbreaker." I plan on picking this one up as well. Fingers crossed I'll have a more positive report.

If you have this palette, let me know if you had better luck or found any tricks that make it work. 

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