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Colourpop Cosmetics Mini-Haul

ABD is all about beauty - the inner and the outer. But being flawless shouldn't have to cost you an arm and a leg! 

So during my short hiatus, I've been searching high and low for more affordable options to bring to my readers. Like all of you I am a consumer, and I like my money right where I can see it, in the BANK! 

I stumbled across colourpop on one of my favorite Instagram accounts, @Trendmood. They keep me abreast of a lot of the major makeup news. Anyway, they were raving on about Colourpop and their impending release of Super Shock Cheek blushes and I saw something about $5 price points - consider me sold there!

Since my birthday was coming right on up, I decided to forgo my urge to splurge and bought up FIVE (yes five) lipsticks for not much more than ONE of my fancy lippies. I also picked up a super shock cheek shade that was close to my favorite blush shade, just to get a read on how those measured up as well. I passed on the lip liners since I tend to only use them in darker shades and I was getting mostly brights and pastels - but I do intend to purchase and review some later. 

I got two matte shades - "Heart On" and "Brink." Two Satin shades - "Brills" and "Wifey." And one shade identified as "hyper glossy," aptly named "Corset." The Super Shock Cheek I got was the deep pink shade, "Pegacorn."

First of all, lets establish that I'm a sucker for packaging. These babies came in gorgeous minimal white packaging, the lipsticks - called "Lippie Stix," - are embossed with iridescent foil lettering, each boasting a label with the shade name on the outside. The products are not tested on animals, hence the "We heart fur babies," stamped on the bottom of the packaging. All in all, Colourpop gets an A+ for their packaging design. They also sent a cute handwritten note, which had me further smitten, because who doesn't like old fashioned personal service and intimate touches? I don't know about you, but for me, that's a guarantee that I'll be back to order more!

So on to the Lippie Stix themselves: 

I got five shades, all bright, given that it's officially spring!

Photo Apr 02, 10 20 51 PM.jpg

Heart on is a matte hot pink with cool tones. It was easy to apply and gave me none of the tug you sometimes get with MAC Retro Matte formulas. It did transfer, however. Still, it lasted a good nine hours on my lips through eating, drinking and multiple coffee breaks. 

Brink is that all too saught after "Kylie Jenner nude" (So if you've been searching, get it now for $5!) It reminds me of "Touch of Spice" from Maybelline's Matte Nude collection last year. It also applied with ease, matte but rich in formula. It stayed on for about eight to nine hours like Heart on, but with a little less transfer. 

Wifey, oh wifey. This is a bright lavender pink, I'd say it's similar to one of my faves, MAC's Saint Germaine, but BETTER. Where the latter goes on streaky and I have to manipulate it to get the proper opaque coverage, Wifey gets it right the first time. No tweaking necessary. This is the Barbie Pink Lipstick I've waited for all my life, and Ohhhh was she worth the wait! Where MAC's satin formula usually maddens me, Colourpop got it correct. This is hydrating and weightless, and lasted about 7 hours before I felt the need to touch up. 

Brills is the lavender of my dreams. I may sound like I'm raving too much, but SERIOUSLY, I feel like I've been searching for some of these forever. I thought I had all but missed my chance for a fully pigmented lavender (my favorite color, BTW) when MAC's Bao Bao Wan Collaboration's "Lavender Jade" sold out in record time, but nope! Brills saved the day. It's cool toned and true to color. It is a light color, so for darker complexions, I'd recommend pairing it with a darker purple pencil or going for an ombre look for day to day wear, but it's gorgeous paired or alone. This is definitely a must have for my pale girls who want to branch out but think pinks and reds are too bright! It's satin formula feels rich and hydrating. I didn't find that it settled into lip lines or got messy. It also wore about 7 hours before I needed to touch up. 

Corset is by far my lipstick of the year. I know it's only April, leave me be! This is a lavender-lilac shade in Colourpop's hyper glossy formula, and it's a dream to wear. The application was smooth and creamy, and despite my initial apprehension - I mean, hyper glossy? My lips are already plump, I don't need them to have shiny glare - but the glossy was just the right amount of shine. Barely more than what you get with the Satin formula, but enough to put some Umph, into that pout if you know what I mean. I think this shade is good for all skin colors and comfort zones, it's not too loud but makes enough of a statement for even the boldest lipstick enthusiast. Even when it fades it left a nice stain. It lasted about 6 hours on me before a touch up was necessary. 

I purchased Pegacorn which is a deep violet blush. I was a little taken aback at the spongy texture of this blush. I'd say it definitely is a "finger" product and doesn't get as opaque of a payout if you use a brush because of its consistency. It is quite bright though, and looks perfect on my darker skin. It's taken some getting used to but I'm pretty fond of it, and for $8.00 you probably won't find better. 

All of the products featured here can be purchased at colourpop.com! Enjoy :)




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