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Fall For Me: Your Autumn Makeup Essentia

Fall For Me: Your Autumn Makeup Essentia

It's finally raining in California, which means eternal summer is over (Ciao, sunshine). And I can finally write about Fall makeup without feeling like a loon. That being said, I feel it's only right that I run down some essential makeup must-haves to help you get that sultry, warm, autumn makeup that I, I mean you, have been waiting to rock. 

1. Liquid Lipstick: 

I swear I'm not trying to sound like a broken record (if you haven't, check our last weeks breakdown on liquid lipsticks here) but they're seriously all the rage. And now that it's raining on top of everything else, I see the benefit of a completely matte, budge-proof lipstick all the more. Keep your autumn pout perfectly in place. You need these, NOW. 

2. Deep Dark Cheeks

Nothing makes me happier than makeup that does double duty. Personally I love a blush that can do contour, and deeper blushes in the fall are an absolute must. My personal favorite is "Blunt" by MAC (available here) Not necessarily cranberry, but in the same color scheme. Go for deeper, bolder magenta hued blushes this season to up the drama. Plus, these shades skinny up your facial frame *Cheers to the cheeky girls like me!* 

3. Smoke, Baby, Smoke

I live for a sultry smoky eye almost any time of year, but there's something about the fall that makes it even more essential. Some say you can't do a bold lip and a bold eye. I am not that beauty blogger. More is more. When in doubt, smoke it out. SMOLDER, honey. 

4. Bold Liner 

Double winged liner, bold burgundy liner (I'm loving colorpop's cream liners like "Best O" right now) and thick cat eyes are all 'in' right now. Get creative, make it thick, bold, and stand right on out. 

5. Vamp It Up

Makeup fans everywhere already know this, but when the leaves begin to fall, so does the temp on the lip colors. Richer, darker shades are in for the season. Deep Cabernet reds,  Plum hues, saturated burgundies, they're all you need to make your fall face complete. One of my personal favorites right now is "Sad Girl" by Anastasia Beverly Hills, also linked in last week's liquid lipstick post.



What are some of your favorite fall time makeup looks? Don't forget to leave them in the comments.  


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