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Hype or Hit?: Liquid Lipsticks

Hype or Hit?: Liquid Lipsticks

I'm all about the lips - if you've seen me, you know I should be, since they're a dominant feature of my face. If I had to take one beauty product and leave all the rest, I'd choose lipstick. Even still, for a mom on the go, touch ups aren't really in the schedule, and even more than that - who knows if I even took the blasted lipstick with me? So imagine my elation at the current prevalence of liquid lipsticks.  Don't know what a liquid lipstick is or why you need one? Read on... 

The Ups

Price Point:

Liquid lipsticks come in a multitude of price points anywhere from $1 (Menow) to $6 (Colourpop.com), my personal top price point is $20 (JeffreeStar and Anastasia Beverly Hills) There are plenty of brands that cost more (looking at you Chanel ) but I like to keep the things I review here on ABD relatively affordable. There are also tons of brands with price points in between, and all of the drugstore giants (NYX, Revlon, Maybelline, etc.) have their own versions of this current must-have lip product.

One and Done: 

That's right - one swipe of the stuff is usually all you need (it's all I need, anyway). The applicators on all of the brands I named above are wands. I really feel they make the application about as precise as it gets. I start by filling in my bottom lip with the wand, and since it's usually pretty saturated given the lip gloss like packaging, I just press my lips together and then fill in the top lip. Voila, one coat opaque perfection. 

All Day Coverage: 

This is where I'm sold 50 ways from Sunday. These do not transfer. Let it dry down and you can kiss, drink, talk and eat to your hearts content. Once it's on, it's on. I once accidentally went to sleep in Anastasia Beverly Hills' 'Sad Girl' and woke to the lipstick still iron clad on my lips. If you want longwear lips, this is it. 

The Downs: 

Revealing Imperfections: 

As a former nervous lip biter, I know all too well how badly it can look when lipstick or gloss settles into fine lines, cracks and peeling in your lips. These liquid lipsticks are absolutely unforgiving and settle right into any imperfections in your lips. I suggest exfoliating your lips if you have any 'problem' areas where the product may settle. 

The Drying Effect: 

I personally enjoy a matte lip, but for those used to something more hydrating, these formulas can seem a bit dry. I've even heard some who can't stand the formula claim that it made their lips feel dry all day. For those with these types of concern, I'd try a formula with a low price point first to ensure that you're okay with what you're in for with these types of products. 

Taking it Off: 

The drawback of such a potent and long lasting lip product is that getting it off can be a bit of a task, specifically if you apply more than one coat. I recommend makeup wipes - preferably one that's textured - to make removal as easy as possible from the cracks and lines in your lips.

Nika's Picks:

So which are my favorites? I'm currently into a lot of nudes, deep reds and burgundy for fall. My current top three with links below: 

  1. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lipstick - "Tulle" $6
  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick -  "Sad Girl" $20
  3. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream "London." $5 (dependent upon retailer - mine is from Target.)

What are your favorite liquid lipsticks, or some you'd like to try? Drop it in the comments. 

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