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Why The Scandal Collection Disappointed Me

If you're like me, you have crooned over Keri Washington's garb as Olivia Pope on ABC's scandal since the very first time you saw her in that white coat and hat. That moment is as frozen in my mind as SJP as Carrie Bradshaw in Manhattan in a body suit and a tulle skirt (Sorry, fashion junkie here!) But her style on the show has always been iconic, never overstated, sophisticated and charming. Well, The Limited unveiled their collection based on Kerri's wardrobe as Olivia Pope and to say I was disappointed...well take a look for yourself.

The Scandal Collection - Available now at The Limited

The Scandal Collection - Available now at The Limited

The coats are made of wool, which I love, true to the character in quality and style. I say to The Limited, well done on those items. When it came to the clothing component of this collaboration, however, I can definitely say I was left wanting more. The actual clothing pieces, however, are not making me too excited. If you've kept abreast of some of the new fall fashions coming from Zara, H&M, Even Forever 21, you can get these styles for absurdly less. While they are all made of premium fabrics, I don't find their design to be worthy, even if it's made out of silk, of $170 or more. These are definitely staple pieces in style, but I feel they could have been more stellar than basic - wide leg trousers are also widely available, midi skirts are also popular and available at many retailers for less; the lack of fit in the blouse design was also disappointing because it's that tailored look that makes Olivia Pope look so polished.  But that's just me! I may still invest in one of these jackets, because, as I said, they're beautiful. Check it out for yourself at Thelimited.com or in stores near you!

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