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Product of the Week: Nume Lustrum Styling Set

This post is FAR overdue, but given the holidays, and several new ABD undertakings, it took a back seat! 

Still, I never forget to tell you guys about a good product, and we're all about getting a big bang for your buck here at ABD!

Enter Nume's Lustrum Styling Set - a 5 in one curling wand set. I actually didn't purchase this set, Lola did - but we were able to use it for ABD's photoshoot and used multiple barrels to get the perfect waves and bodied curls! I also own a Nume wand of my own, so I'm familiar with the quality of their products.  

This set comes in a carrying case, perfect for travel with pouches for each respective barrel. It also comes with a glove - personally I never use the gloves that come with curling wands, since I fancy myself well acquainted with wanding, but if you're not, its a great accessory. The five barrels included are 1.25 inches, 1 inch, .75 inch, a pearl wand, and a reverse curling wand (my personal favorite). 

The best thing about this wand set is the speed that it heated up with! When I tell you we were in a rush... yeah! And the fact that we were able to alternate barrels, quickly and efficiently and do multiple styles of curls. 

  • The largest barrel is definitely best for longer hair - it gives the loosest curls, not my favorite, but if you want something bodied without looking like Shirley Temple, this is a good choice for you. I definitely wouldn't use it on any hair that's shorter than mid back length. 
  • The one inch wand (which I own myself) is a favorite. This gives me my signature beach wave/curls. They're the kind of curls that can be tight and coiled and look neat or you can tousle them gently and get an effortless but curled look. 
  • The .75 inch barrel makes tight uniformed curls. I like this one ONLY when alternating the direction you wrap the hair around the barrel. If you DON'T, you run the risk of looking like Shirley as I stated above. Don't say I didn't warn you!
  • The Pearl barrel is perfect for that completely un-uniformed curl. I have another peal wand, not from NuMe, but I LOVE the pattern that the pearl wand brings. Each curl is different depending on how it's wrapped which results in an effortless style. 
  • The reverse curling wand (FAVE!) makes beautiful curls. This is one I would choose for a polished look on a night out. The difference with this barrel is that instead of being on uniform size, or going from large at the base (which makes the top of your  curls looser than the bottom) it is small at the base and larger at the end. It makes for a neater look overall. 

This set is available directly from NuMe for $280.00 ($56 per wand) but watch groupon instead for amazing deals on credits toward scoring this bad boy for MUCH cheaper. That's how I've bought all of my NuMe wands. Altogether it's an incredible value if you can score it for the lower price! 

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