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New Lipstick Love - Maybelline Matte Nude Lipstick

Before I was obsessed with MAC I was a Maybelline queen! Then the quality just couldn't compare for me. Recently though I decided to venture into drug stores just to let my readers know what measures up and what doesn't! 

I picked up two Maybelline matte nudes, and I tell you now, I'll be going back for more! These are gorgeous matte finished lipsticks. They're fragrance free, extremely pigmented and last 10-12 hours. Compared to the retro matte and matte lipsticks from MAC I'd give these a 7/10. The only down side is they aren't kiss proof (ask Mino and Nelly!) or as touchable, but for $6 (or less if you catch a sale or coupon!) these are definitely worth every penny! Check them out and let me know which shades you got. I'll add swatches as I purchase more.

Top right: Nude Embrace  Bottom left: Touch of Spice

Top right: Nude Embrace

Bottom left: Touch of Spice

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